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People Before Politics


Stand with Carl for a brighter future for Virginia's 7th District



I am Carl Bedell, a proud American, Army veteran, lawyer, and small business owner, and I am running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District.

Our Nation deserves leadership that is principled and pragmatic, that upholds the morals and values we expect of those that govern. We need representation that will continue to find common ground and develop common sense solutions. I will be that leader in Congress. I will work to return respect to Washington, rebuild the confidence of our Nation in our elected officials, and be a testament to the belief that our representation should be, and can be, leaders of character who value and extoll the principles of honesty and integrity. As a moderate Democrat, I believe in governing in a fiscally responsible manner and transcending party lines when necessary to achieve the common good. I will always put our Nation and her people before politics.

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Carl is a moderate Democrat who believes in governing in a fiscally responsible manner while developing commonsense solutions to address the issues facing our Nation - and when it is necessary, transcending party lines to get things done for the common good.


Carl is a proud American and he believes that we the people share far more similarities than differences. Carl believes in people before politics. 

"In this critical election to fill Virginia’s 7th Congressional seat, it’s vital that we vote for a candidate who brings Virginians together, not divides them. Carl Bedell is that candidate.  Your vote for Carl is a vote for sanity in government, for unity, and common sense."

Tom Herthel
Retired Air Force Officer
Retired Deputy Commissioner,

Virginia Department of Veterans Services

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From his advocacy in the arts to his leadership in veteran services, Carl is deeply invested in enriching our community.

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